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What to know about renting commercial space

Business owners who decide to rent a commercial space will typically need to sign a lease. While landlords may have standard lease agreements, you do not have to accept boilerplate terms. Instead, it is generally a good idea to negotiate a custom agreement. The lease itself should state how much the tenant owes, how long the lease runs for and the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Funding secured for California office buildings purchase

The purchase of a pair of California office buildings looks set to proceed. Trade sources have reported that Oregon-based BPM Real Estate has secured $78 million in financing from Citigroup to buy a 111,000-square-foot office tower in Aliso Viejo and a 116,000-square-foot commercial property in San Jose. The loan is reportedly structured to be interest only for the entirety of its 10-year term. BPM has been active in the Oregon commercial real estate market for many years and already owns several office and hotel properties and an apartment complex.

What to consider before using a real estate loan

Individuals who are looking to invest in commercial real estate may be able to finance those investments in a variety of ways. For instance, it may be possible to use hard money or bridge loans. These are popular because they can close in a relatively short period of time. They are also popular because borrowers can obtain financing based on their rental income or history of generating income from real estate.

All investors are not the same in commercial real estate

While an investor generally means someone who contributes money and resources to an entity in hopes of recovering more than what they put in, it is an umbrella term when it comes to commercial real estate in California. There are different ways that people can invest in commercial properties and thus their title of "investor" may hold vastly different meanings. 

What knowledge can help you succeed in commercial real estate?

Whether you have some experience working with commercial real estate in California or you are new to this type of investment, familiarizing yourself with information that can help you succeed can be helpful in guiding you to make strategic and successful decisions. Carefully contemplating your decisions before you jump to any conclusions can help you to identify a direction to take that will lead you to an optimal outcome. 

How can I ensure I'm not illegally evicting a tenant?

Real estate in California is expensive. Whether residents plan to buy or rent, they have to come up with a lot of money to make it happen. Not surprisingly, many landlords in California often find that tenants cannot make the rent. Sometimes this is temporary, due to medical bills, a car accident or losing their jobs. However, when it becomes regular or a tenant lapses for months on end, you may feel compelled to take legal action via an eviction.

Making your first million via commercial real estate

California has one of the strongest and most expensive real estate markets in the country. When it comes to commercial real estate, the opportunity to provide office spaces for tech companies and household names could help even small investors grow to millionaire status with time, dedication and the right opportunities.

The fluctuations of the commercial real estate market

One of the best industries to get involved in in California is commercial real estate. Yet, in 2018, CNBC wrote that there were bad signs ahead for the industry. The main indicator is a slowdown in building and architecture due to a decrease in demand for commercial real estate. However, one of the sectors that are still booming is rental real estate, making multifamily units a great business to invest in.

A professional survey may reduce easement disputes

Companies that purchase commercial real estate often find that the process is complex, especially in California. One common issue relates to easement disputes. Many commercial properties in California include easements affecting access to and/or usage of certain parts of the land. In some cases, easements place restrictions on real estate owners and require compensation for the potential decrease in the property's value. A professional survey may provide several benefits to property owners, such as indicating easement boundaries.

REAP helps more minorities get involved in commercial real estate

According an ABC 10 report, Sacramento in California was a top market for real estate brokers in . In fact, the average broker commanded a three-figure salary of roughly $156,780. Believe it or not, even Los Angeles brokers made less money -- far less, at only $80,260.


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