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How to avoid deceptive trade practices

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Business Litigation |

Maintaining consumer trust is paramount for any business. Besides strengthening customer loyalty, avoiding deceptive trade practices keeps commercial entities on the right side of the law.

Every venture should be transparent and fair in as many ways as possible. Being upfront with the public could sidestep costly litigation.

Provide clear and accurate advertising

Advertising materials, no matter the format, should honestly represent the products and services they promote. Companies must avoid making claims that they cannot prove. All statements need hard evidence to back them up.

Be straightforward with prices

One area where businesses are sometimes vulnerable is cost. Commercial ventures must establish that all prices, fees and additional expenditures are not hidden. Surprises at the register can damage the public’s trust and lead to accusations of untrustworthiness.

Make policies for returns and refunds

Customers should be able to easily comprehend the process they must follow to get their money back. Having a procedure in place helps prevent confusion and potentially harmful customer conflicts.

Train teams

Employees should understand the importance of ethical business practices and honest communication. Formal instruction ensures that all workers know how to interact with buyers to be sure every customer leaves satisfied.

Examine and adjust practices

Regularly reviewing standard operating protocols helps verify that companies are complying with business regulations. Customer feedback can be invaluable in identifying areas that need improvement.

Avoiding deceptive trade practices bolsters trust with customers. Every interaction with clientele should place this concern front and center, thus reducing the possibility of reputational harm.