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Working To Ensure Insurance Companies Live Up To Their Obligations

Businesses purchase insurance policies with the understanding that when things go wrong the insurance carrier will provide full compensation for their losses. The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies sometimes initially deny policyholders’ claims in bad faith. When these agencies ultimately fail to uphold their agreements, bad faith litigation may be required.

For more than 25 years, the Southern California attorneys at Cadden & Fuller LLP have represented businesses of all sizes in all commercial litigation matters, including insurance dispute litigation and bad faith lawsuits.

Whether an insurer refuses to fulfill its obligations to indemnify and/or defend the insured, or fails to live up to another clause of an insurance policy, our seasoned trial attorneys will strongly advocate for your interests.

Pursuing Benefits And Punitive Damages

Bad faith litigation is a unique area of insurance litigation law in that it allows policyholders an avenue to pursue punitive damages, in addition to any benefits that should have been paid out through the policy. For punitive damages to be awarded, policyholders must prove that an insurer engaged in malicious, fraudulent or oppressive conduct.

Proving these claims is rarely straightforward and often requires detailed analysis of the terms of the policy and the conduct of the insurance company. Our lawyers are well-versed in developing strategic arguments designed to prevail in court. Our experience and depth of knowledge allow us to provide efficient and effective counsel, no matter how complex the case may be.

Resolve Your Matter With Our Help

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