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Does your business need an employee handbook?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Business Transactions |

Employee handbooks are common in larger businesses, but as a small business owner, you may not think you need one. However, there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider making one, even if you only have a few employees. explains an employee handbook can help reduce confusion and provide you some legal protection for implementing policies and upholding the rules within your business.

No legal requirement

The law does not require employee handbooks, but if you have legal counsel for your business, then he or she is likely to recommend one. It can provide you with evidence to back up legal claims or to defend yourself in court.

How it works

The main benefit of an employee handbook is to ensure everyone understands all policies, rules, procedures and guidelines for working at your business. It removes questions and provides clarity. If an employee is unsure of something, he or she can consult the handbook to get answers or to learn where to get answers.

How to create

When creating your employee handbook, you should make sure to include as many details as possible about your expectations for employees. You also want to outline disciplinary procedures.

It is a good idea to include attendance and time off information, including going over how break periods work. Outlining these expectations can help you to avoid attendance issues and claims against you.

Keep your handbook up to date and always make sure every employee receives one. It is a good idea to give it to new employees at orientation and to have them sign a paper saying they received it. Protecting yourself with a handbook is something you should do regardless of how many employees you have.