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Types of unfair competition in business

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Business Litigation |

Forming and running a successful business takes hard work and a little bit of luck. When a California resident takes the big step to open their own enterprise, they often put time, money, and tons of effort into making sure their business has the best possible chance of success. Not all businesses survive, and some businesses suffer due to the unfair practices of other entities in their industries.

Unfair competition is a problem in the business world because it creates economic hardships for honest business owners due to the wrongful practices of deceitful entities and their owners. There are many kinds of unfair competition in business, and all can have detrimental effects on entities in and around Southern California. This informational post does not provide any legal advice. Business owners who have questions and concerns about unfair competition can talk to their trusted business law attorneys about their issues.

Types of unfair competition

Competition is at the heart of innovation, but unfair competition takes away the level playing field of progress. Unfair competition involves deceit, fraud, and other deceptive practices. Examples of unfair competition include:

  • Wrongful use of a trademark or trade secret
  • False representation of warranties and guarantees on products and services
  • False advertising
  • Bait and switch dealings where products are substituted for others

When an entity engages in unfair competition it makes it harder for legitimate businesses to get ahead and find success in their focus markets.

What to do about unfair competition

Dealing with unfair competition practices can be difficult and frustrating. Some unfair competition matters rise to legal cases and can be pursued in the courts. When an unfair competition becomes a task for litigation, it is a good idea to involve a business law attorney. A strong advocate can help a struggling business take on the deceptive practices of unscrupulous entities and find remedies to get back on track toward business success.