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Business court to hear state’s lawsuit against drug companies

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Business Litigation |

“Business litigation” might be a difficult topic for many people in Irvine to define (both due to their lack of knowledge of the law as well as the complexities involved with corporate and commercial law). If pressed, however, most might cite examples of insider trading, intellectual property theft or copyright infringement as being covered under this particular legal discipline. While such assumptions are often true, many might be surprised to learn exactly what falls under the purview of this branch of the law. Essentially, any questionable or unethical activity that has allegedly been perpetrated by a professional organization may invoke business litigation.

This may even include business practices that threaten harm to consumers. At least that is what the state of Georgia has decided in its handling of a lawsuit filed by the state against a number of drug companies. The state’s Attorney General is handling the matter on its behalf, and it was his request that it be moved to a special court that the state has established to handle business disputes. The reasoning behind his motion is that the specialty court has both the time and resources to handle the case appropriately (as it only hears a few cases every year). The state’s lawsuit alleges that the drug companies have misled consumers about the addictive effects of their products, which has helped to create the state’s current opioid epidemic.

While the aforementioned matter may not seem to be a business dispute by definition, its details involve allegedly deceptive practices meant to further the interests of an organization. An individual, group or company that believes to have been the victim of such tactics may want to work with an attorney to initiate legal action.