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Responding with control during a data breach

All companies in California maintain some type of data that is used for the development, operation and support of their organization. Often, a majority of a company's data is confidential and has to be securely stored to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. This is especially the case if a company collects and records information about its customers. Appropriate implementation of thorough protocols for securing and accessing information is critical to a company's ability to protect its most important data. 

Preparing for a merger or acquisition

There may come a time when you need to consider agreeing to an acquisition or merger of your California business. When you are participating in a merger or acquisition as a seller, there are numerous aspects you need to consider before agreeing to a deal. At Cadden & Fuller, we understand the complex legal, financial and intellectual property issues that often accompany these types of business transactions.

When is a confidentiality agreement necessary?

An important part of managing your California company is protecting its assets and proprietary information. However, business transactions and other circumstances may require you to share some data with other businesses, organizations or individuals. In these situations, you may want to create a confidentiality agreement for the other parties to sign. This document, also known as a nondisclosure agreement, may help ensure your company's sensitive information remains secure.

How do you dissolve a business entity?

No matter what size your California business is, you may reach a point when it is time to end its legal status and move on. There are specific steps you need to follow and forms you must file to dissolve your business entity. Following the state's instructions carefully may help you complete the process quickly and avoid involvement with fraudulent organizations disguised as providers of legal assistance.

How does California attract small businesses in spite of taxes?

California is well-known for having the highest individual tax rate in the country. In spite of this, some of the biggest and most profitable companies, such as Google and Facebook, call California home. In fact, CNBC estimates that California enjoyed the highest levels of growth in the private sector in March 2015, a trend that is not uncommon in California. Much of this came from small businesses.


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