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Can an easement affect the value of your property?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Commercial Real Estate |

An easement gives a third party access to your private property even though you retain legal ownership. Think of it as granting someone else a slice of your property, be it for utility lines, access pathways or other rights of way. While beneficial for the greater community or utility providers, these arrangements can raise eyebrows regarding your property’s value.

The effects of an easement on a property’s value can be as diverse as the easements themselves. Picture this: an otherwise pristine backyard marred by unsightly utility poles or drainage ditches, courtesy of an easement. Prospective buyers might raise an eyebrow, unconsciously associating these visual disruptions with a potential loss in aesthetic appeal.

Buyers may also be hesitant to purchase a property with easements due to the uncertainty they bring. Easements can raise questions about what you can or can’t do with your own space, and some folks might think twice before signing up for that kind of compromise.

Easements are not all bad

An easement can enhance your property’s value by offering unique advantages to potential buyers. For instance, an easement that provides convenient access to an area that was previously difficult to reach could make your property more attractive to buyers seeking ease of movement. Similarly, easements that allow for shared resources like private roads, community gardens or recreational facilities can increase your property’s value.

Learn more about how easements work

Easements can have both positive and negative impacts on the value of your property, and understanding their implications is crucial. Seeking legal guidance can help you decipher the legal jargon, assess the potential effects on your property’s value and ensure you make informed decisions. 

It will also empower you to confidently navigate the complexities of easements and safeguard your property’s worth.