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November 2019 Archives

What to know about renting commercial space

Business owners who decide to rent a commercial space will typically need to sign a lease. While landlords may have standard lease agreements, you do not have to accept boilerplate terms. Instead, it is generally a good idea to negotiate a custom agreement. The lease itself should state how much the tenant owes, how long the lease runs for and the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Evicting a commercial tenant in California

Commercial tenants do not have the same legal protections as residential tenants. Eviction might be worth looking into if you are a landlord and have a commercial tenant who is behind on their rent or has breached the terms of their lease agreement. However, attempting to evict a tenant can be a long and expensive process depending on the circumstances. There are also many things to consider before deciding to start the eviction process.

Entertainment giants battle over contract dispute

Two major names in the California entertainment industry are locked in an ongoing legal battle with one another. The case between Netflix and Fox centers around the question of employment contracts in the industry. Fox sued Netflix after the streaming firm recruited several top executives, and the ongoing case has brought up major issues about how contracts are formed for high-ranking business leaders. Netflix is arguing that Fox's employment contracts are illegal and invalid, and the streaming giant even compared them to slavery.

California landlord sues WeWork over construction noise

A California landlord has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the troubled coworking company WeWork. In a lawsuit filed in San Francisco on Sept. 24, the landlord claims that WeWork frequently engages in noisy and disruptive construction activity during normal working hours in clear violation of its lease agreement. The lawsuit is another setback for a company that is having trouble filling office space and has seen its value plummet in the wake of a failed initial public offering.

Guidance toward evicting a commercial tenant

Your commercial property takes money to run and is meant to be profitable. One aspect of a smooth commercial operation is lawful, cooperative, and paying tenants. If a tenant isn't paying their rent or has violated other terms of their lease agreement, consider eviction. Due to the time consuming and expensive task of removing a tenant, it should never be the first step. That said, take the legal steps to resolve the situation before officially pursuing eviction.


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