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September 2019 Archives

All investors are not the same in commercial real estate

While an investor generally means someone who contributes money and resources to an entity in hopes of recovering more than what they put in, it is an umbrella term when it comes to commercial real estate in California. There are different ways that people can invest in commercial properties and thus their title of "investor" may hold vastly different meanings. 

Does a small business need a succession plan?

Succession plans are specific instructions for who will take over a business if you retire, leave the company or become incapacitated. Having one in place allows you to choose who you think will be the most successful candidate to take over your role. It can also outline specific tasks the successor will be responsible for. It may also include details about what will be done with your share of the business.

What knowledge can help you succeed in commercial real estate?

Whether you have some experience working with commercial real estate in California or you are new to this type of investment, familiarizing yourself with information that can help you succeed can be helpful in guiding you to make strategic and successful decisions. Carefully contemplating your decisions before you jump to any conclusions can help you to identify a direction to take that will lead you to an optimal outcome. 

Preparing for a merger or acquisition

There may come a time when you need to consider agreeing to an acquisition or merger of your California business. When you are participating in a merger or acquisition as a seller, there are numerous aspects you need to consider before agreeing to a deal. At Cadden & Fuller, we understand the complex legal, financial and intellectual property issues that often accompany these types of business transactions.

Business court to hear state's lawsuit against drug companies

"Business litigation" might be a difficult topic for many people in Irvine to define (both due to their lack of knowledge of the law as well as the complexities involved with corporate and commercial law). If pressed, however, most might cite examples of insider trading, intellectual property theft or copyright infringement as being covered under this particular legal discipline. While such assumptions are often true, many might be surprised to learn exactly what falls under the purview of this branch of the law. Essentially, any questionable or unethical activity that has allegedly been perpetrated by a professional organization may invoke business litigation. 


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