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July 2019 Archives

The fluctuations of the commercial real estate market

One of the best industries to get involved in in California is commercial real estate. Yet, in 2018, CNBC wrote that there were bad signs ahead for the industry. The main indicator is a slowdown in building and architecture due to a decrease in demand for commercial real estate. However, one of the sectors that are still booming is rental real estate, making multifamily units a great business to invest in.

A professional survey may reduce easement disputes

Companies that purchase commercial real estate often find that the process is complex, especially in California. One common issue relates to easement disputes. Many commercial properties in California include easements affecting access to and/or usage of certain parts of the land. In some cases, easements place restrictions on real estate owners and require compensation for the potential decrease in the property's value. A professional survey may provide several benefits to property owners, such as indicating easement boundaries.

Can I evict a commercial tenant?

As a commercial real estate owner, your job is complicated and time consuming. It becomes even more so if you have a tenant that has not paid their rent for a couple months. Does that mean you can evict a them? Yes, but often tenants aren’t evicted immediately for being behind on rent.

Business litigation can create a David versus Goliath scenario

California is home to some of the world's largest and most successful companies. Some of the most notable include Apple, Wells Fargo, Alphabet (Google) and Disney. Over the years, these companies have expanded in revenue and size. Because of this, the government and private organizations often seek out ways to check this growth.

How to form a strong partnership

When someone starts a business in Orange County and the surrounding area, one consideration is whether or not to bring on a partner. While there can be benefits to having someone with whom to run a business, a partnership is somewhat like a marriage. Each side needs to take steps to ensure protection in the event the partnership breaks up, and there needs to be ongoing communication and trust throughout the time together. 

Protecting your business during fraud litigation

No matter how large or small your California company is, protecting it from fraud may feel like an overwhelming task. Fraud may lead to devastating financial consequences, especially if you are not sure how to navigate all the legal aspects. At Cadden & Fuller LLP, we know that you need a comprehensive strategy to address fraud, and we have helped many clients successfully overcome related issues.

How does California attract small businesses in spite of taxes?

California is well-known for having the highest individual tax rate in the country. In spite of this, some of the biggest and most profitable companies, such as Google and Facebook, call California home. In fact, CNBC estimates that California enjoyed the highest levels of growth in the private sector in March 2015, a trend that is not uncommon in California. Much of this came from small businesses.


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